It is defined as change in the properties of metal due to chemical reaction between metal  and its Surrounding we will discuss corrosion and its types. Or It is defined as a destruction of metal or deterioration of metal due to  chemical reaction with its environment. Materials can be Metals Polymers Ceramics etc.  CORROSION AND… Read More »


Galvanizing coating is a process in which coating of zinc placed to prevent the base metal. it provides the layer that protect the steel from corrosive attacks. Galvanizing coating process found more suitable and tough in the aggressives environments. continuous galvanizing process is done in various steps.   The process includes: degreasing annealing from furnace… Read More »


It is the process by which hot rolled strip  is introduced between rollers and then squeezed or compressed to the desired thickness Cold rolling occurs with the metal below its re crystallization temperature( usually at room temperature). Which increase the strength via strain hardening  up to  20 %. It also improve the surface finish and… Read More »


Rolling process is defined as a process  used to reduced the thickness and to make the thickness uniform. If the temperature of metal is above its re crystallization temperature then the process is known as hot Rolling process. If the temperature of metal is below re crystallization temperature then it is known as a cold… Read More »