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There are various types of gears used in different industries for executing multiple functions. These are mechanical devices responsible for doing repetitive works to save men from a boring job. A vast majority of these are used for regulating the power of an engine and run a number processes one after another. These may be of different types, sizes and shapes, depending on their purposes.In this article, we shall discuss on the detailed study of gears and its various types.


What is a gear?

It is basically a machinery or device used for regulating the power of an engine to save power and produce more in a limited time. Besides, it can regulate and the direction of a rotation and give a machine right momentum. Gears are of different types.

These are as follows:

 Spur Gear

 A spur gear is the most common type used in the modern industry. It has straight teeth parallel to the axis of the wheel. It includes a cylinder or disk with teeth.

Most of the spear gears are simple in design. These are extensively used in washing machines, screwdrivers, wall clock or alarm clocks, and other mechanical devices. Spur gears are used for low-speed applications.

Spur Gear

                                       Fig 1. Spur Gear

Advantages of Spur Gears:


  • Spur gears have the efficiency of high power transmission.
  • These are very simple and easy to install.
  • They can ensure consistent velocity ratio.
  • These devices are highly reliable for executing various works in the processing industry.
  • They have no slip
  • These are highly dependable and reliable
  • They have the capability to transmit a large amount of power (approx 50,000 kW).


Helical Gear

 A helical gear is a cylindrical-shaped gear inclined to the axis of the shafts. As the name suggests, it takes the form of a helix.It is another part of detailed study of gears and its various types.

Helical gears are used for taking higher loads and moving a machine speedily. They have extensive uses in various types of machines used in different types of industries. The same size helical gear can take nearly double load than a same size spur gear. Furthermore, it creates less noise and vibrates lower than a spur gear.


             Fig 2. Helical Gear

 Usefulness of Helical Gears


  • They can offer a steady velocity ratio.
  • They create less noise while running
  • The angled teeth ensure more steadiness
  • These can transmit motion and power, resulting in reduced wear


Worm Gear

 Worm gear is a common type of gear used to transmit power at 90°. It comprises two elements. These are worm screw and worm wheel. The teeth of this device resemble ACME screw thread. It is used in the places where high reductions are needed. The axes of worm gears are designed to envelop the worm. These are highly useful for giving a smooth output without creating noise or vibration at the time of running in parallel planes.


                      Fig 3. Worm Gear

Benefits of Worm Gears


  • Worm gears run silently and smoothly.
  • These devices use self-locking
  • They are known for increasing torque and reducing speed.
  • They take less space.
  • They create lower or no sound at the time of running
  • They have excellent meshing effectiveness.


 Rack and Pinion

 These are linear shaped devices used in a rack railway. This type is basically a variation of spur gears. It includes a pair of gears to transform rotational motion into linear motion.

rack and pinion gear

                          Fig 4. Rack and Pinion Gear


Utility Aspects of it


  • It is very cheap and easy to handle
  • It is well known for its compactness and robustness
  • It ensures compact control over the vehicle
  • It can transform rotational motion into linear motion
  • It is smooth and lighter in weight


Bevel Gear

 Bevel gears are a specific type of gear used in shutter door. Here, the axes of the two shafts intersect each other like the same tooth of geometry. These are designed conically. Straight bevels can use shafts at any angle for making it more compatible. These are used for transmitting the motion between the shafts.


                       Fig 5. Bevel Gear


Advantages of it


  • This device can change the operating angle.
  • It has the capability of increasing speed and decreasing torque or vice versa.
  • It is highly flexible
  • It can ensure adjustable angle of operation
  • It can transfer force from one direction to another
  • It can boost the force generated after the transfer


Face Gears

 A face gear is a disk-shaped gear consisting of a circular disc and a ring of teeth cut on one side. This type is not very ubiquitous in industrial application. It has the capability of transmitting power at right angles, moving in a circular motion.It is also an part of detailed study of gears and its various types.

 Usefulness of it


  • It can ensure accuracy, perfection and rigidity.
  • It can transmit power at right angles in a circular motion.


This type has extensive uses in the agrochemical industry.

Most of the above-mentioned gears have their various uses in aviation, agro, steel medical, defence, cement, railway, manufacturing, fertilizer, and food-processing industry.Above we discussed are the detailed study of gears and its various types.



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